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Twin Gearbox Models with Side Discharge - Series RN
Twin Gearbox Models with Side Discharge - Series RN
Two separate gearboxes rotating in opposite directions drive two main lades of our RN-mowers. This improves the cutting quality, even in higher grass. The short central blade is placed in front of the two other which creates a generous overlap, giving a perfect, integral cut without striping. Working very closely behind the tractor and being fitted with front swivels wheels and a conical ended rear roller means the mower can very easily be maneuvered, even if room is limited, without damaging the turf. The RN can be delivered with a manual or hydraulic offset device, which allows working closer to the trees while keeping the tractor as central as possible between the tree rows. 

Two separate gearboxes rotating in opposite directions drive the two main blades of our RN orchard rotary mowers. This improves the cutting quality, even in higher grass.

Side discharge

The cut material is evenly distributed behind the machine over its full working width or can, by removing two side plates, be spread to the left and right hand side of the machine on the tree strips.

Generously overlapping swing away blades

3 generously overlapping, replaceable and reversible swing-away blades, which are less funarable for obstacles come as standard on all RN orchard rotary mowers.

Reliable drive

All cutting blades are driven indirectly by means of V-belts, mostly with automatic spring-loaded belt tensioners. This flexible drive system protects the gearbox from shock loads. 

Excellent terrain adjustment

Two front support wheels and a rear roller give the necessary stability and excellent terrain adjustment. To protect the bearings of the rear rollers, the bearings are fitted with unique covers to prevent humidity, dust and mud from entering.

RN specs
RN Rotary Mower with side discharge
RN Rotary Mower with possibility of side discharge
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