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Double Wing Arm Mowers - Series MD
Double Wing Arm Mowers - Series MD
The central section of these specialized mowers are flanked at either side by a 60 cm (231/2") diameter swing arm to allow for integral weed control from center row to tree row in one pass. 
The swing arms are spring loaded and can be set in different positions to limit the maximum cutting width. At a light touch of the tree the rubber covered swing arm wheel rotates and deflects its cutting blade away from the tree. 
Hydraulic rams can be provided to retract the swing arms from the set maximum width while working or raisable swing arms are available as an option. 
Maximum working speed = 21/2-3 Km/h (11/2-2 miles/hour).

Cutting in one passage

The Perfect orchard rotary mowers series MD consist of a rigid central section with a swinging arm on either side. This enables the central grass alley to be cut as well as the area around the tree, all in one passage.

These specialized orchard mowers rejoice increasingly interest with the growing number of organic growers.

Rubber surrounded swinging arm

When the rubber surround of the swing arm touches the trunk, the wheel rotates and deflects the swinging arm and its cutting blade away from the tree. As soon as the springloaded swinging arm has passed the tree it automatically returns to its original position.

Orchard rotary mower with opposite rotation of the blades

Two separate gearboxes rotating in opposite directions drive the two main blades of our MD orchard rotary mowers. This improves the cutting quality, even in higher grass. 

Excellent terrain adjustment

Two front support wheels and a rear roller give the necessary stability and excellent terrain adjustment. To protect the bearings of the rear rollers, the bearings are fitted with unique covers to prevent humidity, dust and mud from entering. 

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