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Heavy Duty Flail Topper - KG/KK
Heavy Duty Flail Topper - KG/KK
The "Perfect" flail chopper line also includes three larger capacity machines in cutting width from 150 cm (4'11") to 245 (8'1"), which are designed to deal with heavier working conditions, not only for chopping prunings up to 10 cm (4") diameter but also for other vegetation residues such as corn stalks etc. 
Because of the bigger size reinforced flail rotor and gearbox the V-belt cover on these machines is some-what higher, measuring 72 cm (28") on the KG/KK-150/180/220 and 77 cm (30") on the KG/KK-245HD. 
The KG/KK-245HD chopper has a heavier frame, a heavy-duty pto shaft and gearbox as well as a flail rotor and rear roller of increased diameter. 

Heavy duty capacity flail choppers

The “Perfect” flail chopper line includes three large capacity machines which are designed to deal with heavier working conditions, not only for chopping prunings up to 10 cm (4”) diameter but also for other vegetation residues such as corn stalks etc.

Heavy duty drive

A gearbox with spiral toothed gears and the V-belts with a springloaded automatic belt tensioner assure an indirect flexible drive with maximum security and a minimum maintenance.

KG and KK-245HD all-rounders

The KG and KK flail chopper models with 245 cm working width are, compared to the smaller models, additionally equipped with:

- Heavy duty frame

- Heavy duty PTO shaft and gearbox

- Flail rotor and rear roller with extra large diameter

Special "Perfect" flails

The 2,2 kg (5 lbs) heavy-duty “Perfect” flails are especially designed for pulverizing prunings. They are fitted to the electronically balanced vibration-free flail rotor with heavy bolts and replaceable steel bushings and provide an excellent pulverization. No further work is necessary to collect or remove the cut material.

Complete standard  configuration

The standard configuration of this series of heavy duty flail choppers includes a mechanical parallelogram-type offset system. Besides this the KK models are equipped with an adjustable rear opening cover and with optional rake tines.
Specs EN KG KK

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